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  • Cargo

    Cargo networks are second only to electrical networks in terms of usefulness. They allow the transport of items to and from things like machines and barrels. They share many mechanics with their electrical siblings. At the heart of it is a Cargo Manager. As with electrical networks, it has a fixed range that can be extended with an item, in this case connector nodes.
    Here is a sample system that shows the necessary components:

    • Yellow: Cargo manager

    • Red: Output node. This places items into whatever inventory it is attached to

    • Green: Connector node. These extend the network in the cardinal directions

    • Blue: Input node. Removes items from the inventory it is attached to


    • The range of a connector is 6 blocks. This means you can leave 5 blocks between them and remain connected.

    • Item transport is nearly instantaneous, occurring every 4 ticks and is equally fast whether there's just one item or a stack.

    • Round robin distribution is not to be trusted.

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  • Electricity

    Almost all the most useful machines in Slimefun use electricity as their means of operation. Even some tools use it. But setting up electricity can be pretty confusing and is poorly documented. The first thing you need to make is an Energy Regulator. This will enable you to start making electrical connections. Even if everything else is in place, an electrical system will not function. Here is a sample system that demonstrates the necessary components:


    • Yellow: Energy regulator

    • Red: Power source. It supplies energy to allow the machines in the system to function. In this case it’s a solar panel but some sources can run on exotic materials like nether stars and plutonium.

    • Green: Capacitor. These devices both store and spread energy. They allow the network to extend beyond the 6 block range of the energy regulator (they also have that range).

    • Blue: Machine. The things that you’re supplying power with to do stuff. Here they are GPS transmitters.


    • Capacitors only work in the cardinal directions (NSEW, up/down)

    • Some solar panels can work at night, albeit at half capacity

    • It is unclear is electrical networks continue to function when the regulator is not in a loaded chunk

    • Cargo networks do not consume electricity, though almost anything justifying the effort of creating one does

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    i am still around as well

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  • Smeltery

    The smeltery is a vital tool for advancing in slimefun, as it is needed for every alloy. However, its directions can be unclear at first. Firstly, its multiblock recipe includes flint and steel, which isn’t a block.
    Worry not. All this means is that you need to have a block of fire under the dispenser (which MUST have the hole facing up) like this:
    This fire will go out periodically (up to like 8 smelts if RNJesus smiles upon you), so relight it whenever this happens. This necessitates that you have access to the fire block after building the machine.

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  • Getting Started

    Slimefun is simple once you get a hang of it. The biggest stumbling block, really, is the first one:

    How do you get started?

    The first thing to do is unlock the Enhanced Crafting Table, in the Basic Machines section of your guide. If you’ve lost your copy, simply do /sf guide . The “levels” referred to in the cost are simply vanilla exp levels (as in the ones you get from killing mobs).
    So now you’re on the recipe page, which for the enhanced crafting table looks like this:
    But what does this little brick block and its message mean?
    This means is that you need to build it according to the recipe. As in place blocks. In the world. The enhanced crafting table looks like this when built:

    This machine only works with slimefun items. To use it, arrange the items in the pattern specified by the recipe in the dispenser, then right click on the crafting table. Your crafted item will appear in the dispenser.

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