• Almost all the most useful machines in Slimefun use electricity as their means of operation. Even some tools use it. But setting up electricity can be pretty confusing and is poorly documented. The first thing you need to make is an Energy Regulator. This will enable you to start making electrical connections. Even if everything else is in place, an electrical system will not function. Here is a sample system that demonstrates the necessary components:


    • Yellow: Energy regulator

    • Red: Power source. It supplies energy to allow the machines in the system to function. In this case it’s a solar panel but some sources can run on exotic materials like nether stars and plutonium.

    • Green: Capacitor. These devices both store and spread energy. They allow the network to extend beyond the 6 block range of the energy regulator (they also have that range).

    • Blue: Machine. The things that you’re supplying power with to do stuff. Here they are GPS transmitters.


    • Capacitors only work in the cardinal directions (NSEW, up/down)

    • Some solar panels can work at night, albeit at half capacity

    • It is unclear is electrical networks continue to function when the regulator is not in a loaded chunk

    • Cargo networks do not consume electricity, though almost anything justifying the effort of creating one does