• Home World - Serenity

    The spawn world is Serenity. This world is permanent and only allows building in areas you own. Although you must purchase plots inside a town or city, you can also claim an area anywhere in the wilderness. You can discover locations here, adding them to your available /warp locations. You can also set an unlimited number of homes with /sethome name. (keepinventory is on)

    Volatile World - The Tangle

    The Tangle is a dangerous world with tougher mobs and frequent environmental disturbances. You can build anywhere in this world, but the world is destroyed and recreated every few days. You cannot set homes in or warp to this world, you must use one of the random teleporters found in Serenity. Adventuring farther from the origin point (x0,z0) will increase the amount of treasures and resources you can find, and the chance of death. (no keepinventory)

    The Nether and The End

    There are no building or warp restrictions in the Nether or The End. (keepinventory is on)