• Slimefun is simple once you get a hang of it. The biggest stumbling block, really, is the first one:

    How do you get started?

    The first thing to do is unlock the Enhanced Crafting Table, in the Basic Machines section of your guide. If you’ve lost your copy, simply do /sf guide . The “levels” referred to in the cost are simply vanilla exp levels (as in the ones you get from killing mobs).
    So now you’re on the recipe page, which for the enhanced crafting table looks like this:
    But what does this little brick block and its message mean?
    This means is that you need to build it according to the recipe. As in place blocks. In the world. The enhanced crafting table looks like this when built:

    This machine only works with slimefun items. To use it, arrange the items in the pattern specified by the recipe in the dispenser, then right click on the crafting table. Your crafted item will appear in the dispenser.